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Maine Trivia DJI am your local Maine Trivia DJ featuring Smart Phone Trivia the perfect addition for Restaurants, Bars and Corporate Events! In addition to my regular DJ Services which are a very common form of entertainment at these venues I now offer something new and exciting for your next event. My hosted Smart Phone Trivia DJ Services are a sure fire way to bring a new level of excitement to your event. Some of the benefits of hiring me to host trivia for your event are:

  • SpeedQuizzing is displayed on your TVs or ours & hosted by a professional.
  • Real-time on screen scoring keeps teams interested throughout the entire game.
  • SpeedQuizzing runs from a MASSIVE database of up to date Quiz and Trivia questions and is adaptable to differing age groups, (General Knowledge & Trivia / Music, Film & TV).
  • SpeedQuizzing is fun for all ages – Bring the family for a night of Smart Phone Trivia!
  • SpeedQuizzing is a great social booster. Meet new friends!

Benefits of Trivia for Venues:

  • SpeedQuizzing is displayed on your TVs or mine & hosted by a professional.
  • SpeedQuizzing creates a second dinner rush to boost your mid-week revenue.
  • SpeedQuizzing creates a satisfied customer base that returns week after week.
  • SpeedQuizzing helps create increased food & beverage sales.

Free app turns smartphones and tablets into a quiz keypad and display-screen.

Get your copy now so your ready to play!!!


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