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Maine Trivia Dj

I am your local Maine Trivia DJ featuring Smart Phone Trivia the perfect addition for Restaurants, Bars and Corporate Events! In addition to my regular DJ Services which are a very common form of entertainment at these venues I now offer something new and exciting for your next event. My hosted Smart Phone Trivia DJ Services are a sure fire way to bring a new level of excitement to your event. Some of the benefits of hiring me to host trivia for your event are:

  • SpeedQuizzing is displayed on your TVs or ours & hosted by a professional.
  • Real-time on screen scoring keeps teams interested throughout the entire game.
  • SpeedQuizzing runs from a MASSIVE database of up to date Quiz and Trivia questions and is adaptable to differing age groups, (General Knowledge & Trivia / Music, Film & TV).
  • SpeedQuizzing is fun for all ages – Bring the family for a night of Smart Phone Trivia!
  • SpeedQuizzing is a great social booster. Meet new friends!

So why not bring the whole family for a night of Smart Phone Trivia? Let me elevate your next event with my premier entertainment services.

Benefits of Trivia for Venues:

  • SpeedQuizzing is displayed on your TVs or mine & hosted by a professional.
  • SpeedQuizzing creates a second dinner rush to boost your mid-week revenue.
  • SpeedQuizzing creates a satisfied customer base that returns week after week.
  • SpeedQuizzing helps create increased food & beverage sales.

Free app turns smartphones and tablets into a quiz keypad and display-screen.

Get your copy now so your ready to play!!!

Trivia DJ for hire

Are you looking for a way to liven up your establishment and bring in more business? Look no further than a Maine Trivia DJ! With an extensive knowledge of all things Maine, I can provide your customers with a fun and engaging way to learn more about this incredible state while enjoying themselves at your business. From games and activities to themed trivia nights, I can customize my services to meet the specific needs of your establishment and help you create an experience that your customers won’t soon forget. So don’t hesitate – contact me today to explore how I can help you take your business to the next level and bring in more loyal customers!


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