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Maine Karaoke DJ If you love to sing DJ-BrianC is the right choice for a Maine Karaoke DJ!

Maine Karaoke DJ

I am a full service Maine Karaoke DJ. I use a state-of-the-art computer system and have a music library like no other. This professional system allows for quicker searches for your song. It also manages singer rotation with ease. The lyrics and rotation order are displayed on my screen and/or your venues overhead screens. I have wireless mics so you’re free to roam around the room during your performance and have the time of your life.

Be sure you hire a Karaoke DJ in Maine that has purchased the music being played. Don’t take a chance by hiring someone with unlicensed music. The fines for music piracy can be stiff and both the venue and the DJ will be held accountable. If your DJ uses copied CDs and/or is willing to use YouTube take warning!

I have a passion for Karaoke and when I’m not working you can typically find me enjoying one of the many great karaoke shows in Maine. For my Karaoke shows I use great sounding Karaoke Music from:

Chartbuster Karaoke Party Tyme Karaoke Sound Choice Karaoke

DJ-BrianC is a DJ with Karaoke and I’m raising the bar for quality Karaoke service in Maine. Feel free to ask questions. Have you been thinking I need a Karaoke DJ Near me? I’d love to work with you to personalize and make your karaoke party the best it can be.

Lights, camera, action! It’s party time!

 Since 1992, I have brought a wave of excitement that will make you and your guests the stars of the show. 

Your Maine Karaoke DJ has one of the largest legal karaoke music library you will find in Maine. My regularly updated karaoke library features over 17,000 song selections; from the 1940s through the current hits.

I come equipped with:

I cover all styles of music including:
Country, Oldies, Pop, Urban, Classic Rock, Alternative, R&B,
Rap, Disney, Broadway, Holiday, etc.

Karaoke is a perfect add-on to any event.
Be sure to discuss this with me.

I’m happy to provide karaoke services to any event such as Weddings, Parties or Clubs, and Corporate Events.

Travelling over Maine providing quality karaoke services. I’ve been an:

  • Auburn, Maine Karaoke DJ
  • Augusta, Maine Karaoke DJ
  • Biddeford, Maine Karaoke DJ
  • Brunswick, Maine Karaoke DJ
  • Damariascotta, Maine Karaoke DJ
  • Greenwood, Maine Karaoke DJ
  • Lewiston, Maine Karaoke DJ
  • Lisbon, Maine Karaoke DJ
  • Mechanic Falls, Maine Karaoke DJ
  • Portland, Maine Karaoke DJ
  • Topsham, Maine Karaoke DJ
  • West Paris, Maine Karaoke DJ
  • Winthrop, Maine Karaoke DJ

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Are you a Venue Owner?
Is your Karaoke and/or Music Legal?

Learn about Karaoke Piracy

DJ-BrianC uses nothing but high quality music and is registered and in compliance with Phoenix Entertainment Partners, LLC.! (License# R83486150)

DJ-BrianC runs an honest ethical DJ Service and I believe strongly that everyone should do the same. It’s just good business!

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