Dj Tip

How Much to Tip Your Wedding DJ

Dj Tip As part of your wedding plans, it is vital that you have a tipping plan in place. Not only can tips help prevent unexpected budget overruns but they’re also a wonderful way to show appreciation to vendors and say “thanks”.

Not all wedding vendors expect tips, but it is wise to offer extra compensation for those who go the extra mile on your big day. So how much should you tip?


Tipping your bartender should depend on both their individual preference and the quality of service provided to you. In general, tipping between $1-2 per drink or 15-20% of your bill is advised.

Bartenders are well-known for going above and beyond in providing service, whether that means offering fresh cocktails when they run out of ice or picking up abandoned plates from customers. Their dedication is deeply appreciated by their patrons.

As part of your wedding planning, it’s essential to carefully consider all of the vendors involved. If you have hired any services – such as bartenders or photographers – it is advisable to review their contract to determine whether any tips/gratuity/handouts are included within.

Ceremony Musicians

Booking musicians for your wedding is an intricate process, from selecting songs you want played down the aisle to postlude music – it all adds up to create an unforgettable musical experience for your guests that will set the mood and ambiance of your big day.

Making music part of your ceremony planning experience should not be taken lightly; take your time in selecting songs for this important milestone! A musician with extensive experience can guide you in selecting appropriate tunes.

Your guests should hear an upbeat and celebratory recessional song as they exit your venue, while having interludes during the ceremony to transition between parts can also help, especially if there are special ceremonies or traditions that require music – for instance a singing guitarist or harpist performing during register signing is lovely!


Your DJ will play an instrumental part in keeping the party going at your wedding. They will keep the music playing smoothly, make announcements, and keep guests dancing all night long!

Work closely with your DJ to develop the ideal playlist for your event and take requests from guests.

Your wedding DJ should offer a selection of songs tailored specifically to the theme and tone of your special day, while being adept at accommodating varying musical preferences.

Understanding how your DJ interacts with drunk guests is crucial, as they may make inappropriate song requests or spill drinks all over their equipment. Although this can be challenging to manage, being firm yet diplomatic should ensure the best outcome.

Please consider your Wedding DJ is often the first onsite and last one to leave. They’ve invested in a long day of work to make your wedding day a success. They also typically drive 1-3 hours one way to get to your wedding venue. You can show your appreciation by tipping. Tip your DJ by handing them an envelope at the end of the reception or party. This can be done by the best man or the bride’s father, and it is recommended that you prepare the amount ahead of time so it is easier to distribute at the event. 15-20% is a common amount to tip your DJ.


An expert photographer is an artisan who understands light and how to frame their images. Their dedication and hard work should be appreciated with a generous tip for their services on your wedding day.

Kay notes that depending on their level of experience and style, photographers should expect between $50 to $100 in tips from large firms; this decision may vary for photographers employed independently.

Always tip those who transport and set up items needed for your event–cakes, flowers, tents etc.–whether that means transporting cakes or setting them up; consider giving between $5-20 as a tip depending on how helpful they were with delivery and setup.