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SpeedQuizzing – The Latest Craze in Pub Trivia

Maine Trivia Dj Speedquizzing Trivia is a fun, energetic take on pub quizzing. It’s ideal for parties, team building exercises, schools and colleges alike.

No internet is needed since this application uses a hub that links players’ devices together via local WiFi networks. This provides for rapid accuracy and dependable venue-based quizzing at lightning fast speeds.

Bar and Corporate Events

Gaining entrance into the corporate world can be accomplished through occasional bookings at local businesses. These could include networking events, awards ceremonies or celebrations of any sort.

Conducting a trivia quiz using your smartphone is an ideal idea for bars and pubs, since they tend to have large gatherings of people. A quick search on Google can help you identify which app is ideal for hosting such an event at your venue; alternatively, feel free to refer to our user guide for assistance in getting started.

Utilizing the app for the first time can be daunting and overwhelming. So why not give some demo quizzes to colleagues, friends or family to get familiar with how the application functions?


SpeedQuizzing is an enjoyable way to entertain your guests at any party or event. It can be used for various types of occasions, such as private parties, fundraisers and games nights.

This fast-paced trivia game allows players to submit their answers directly on their smart device screen, offering an innovative alternative to traditional pen and paper pub quizzes.

The software will display questions on your device screen and generate a buzzer sound when you answer one correctly. You have your choice of trivia formats, including Fastest Fingers, Buzzin with the First Letter and Sequence Quizzes.

School Events

Speedquizzing is the ideal game to play at school events or private parties. It offers all of the same excitement of a traditional pen-and-paper quiz without needing a laptop – simply download our app on your smartphone and connect to our dedicated wifi network, set up by the host quizmaster at your venue.

This software lets you play a variety of trivia game-play formats, such as Fastest Fingers, Buzz in and Multiple Choice. Plus, you can create your own questions with cool buzzer noises! Best of all? It all works on phones or tablets so you can have some laughs anywhere with WiFi! Book a free trial now; the app can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices.

Charity Events

Speedquizzing, the newest trend in pub quizzing, takes the game to another level. Played using a smart phone, this fast-paced virtual trivia game offers knowledge and entertainment at no cost. Questions range from music and film trivia to pop culture topics with various formats like Fastest Fingers, Buzz In, Multiple Choice or First Letter of Answer etc., all free-to-play!

Networking Events

Speedquizzing Trivia is the ideal entertainment for networking events. These can include gatherings where delegates from different companies come together, often for team building purposes or charity fundraising activities.

Network events are designed to get people talking to each other, and if they find they have something in common, they will be more likely to book with you after the event. This may take several events for this to occur, but once people get acquainted with one another, booking becomes much easier.

When attending events of this nature, it’s wise to bring along plenty of business cards. Not only do these let people know you are available for hire at any event, but they can also serve as a handy reminder about an upcoming one.