Karaoke Piracy

Venue Owners Are You Guilty?

Karaoke Piracy is a Serious Crime! Pirates Beware

Know of a Club or DJ using Illegal Karaoke? Beware of karaoke hosts making outrageous claims of 25,000 songs or more! Lets face it Chartbuster karaoke is one of the country’s oldest & largest producers of karaoke and their entire song library is around 12,000 songs. If you see claims for more than you’re most likely dealing with a DJ/KJ who has lots of duplicate titles and/or illegally obtained karaoke.

Music Pirate

Recently we saw this post on Craig’s List:
“We have over 270,000 karaoke songs and 100,000 hit songs.”

Now let’s do the math on this:
Karaoke songs average $3.00 each to purchase. Music on iTunes $1.29

That’s $810,000 for karaoke and $129,000 for music based on the above claim.

How does a DJ/KJ support this amount of music doing a $100 club job? This is 9,390 jobs based on $100 a night. Assuming you work one job a week that equates to 94 years of work!!! Even at $150 a night it works out to 63 years!!! And that’s just to pay for the music. What about other expenses and profit?

Let’s look at it from another view:

I know of one DJ/KJ who claims 368,000 songs to choose from. He’s adamant about telling us he owns a cd to back up every song! I’ve done the math on that claim as well and it isn’t very realistic. Check this out: 368,000 songs/15 songs per disc = 24,533 discs.


What is the incentive for the DJ/KJ to provide this service when he isn’t even making enough to pay for the music? The answer should be pretty obvious and personally I would be very concerned as a club owner taking the risk of hiring this person for my entertainment.

DJ-BrianC uses nothing but high quality music and is registered and in compliance with Phoenix Entertainment Partners, LLC.! (License# R83486150)

DJ-BrianC runs an honest ethical DJ Service and I believe strongly that everyone should do the same. It’s just good business!

My Karaoke Music is Legal!

Now that’s peace of mind!

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