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As an established Maine DJ, I know how to make them a smashing success.

What are school dances?

School dances are special events that bring students together from different grades and years. These are typically held on weekends, and they tend to be more casual than a formal wedding. They last 2-4 hours and are usually held at the school.

As a School Dance DJ, I can help make your school dance an unforgettable event that will be talked about for years to come. Here are some tips to get you started!


One of the most important things when hiring a School Dance DJ is their experience. They should have DJed a variety of events and know what it takes to create an atmosphere for a dance. They should also be able to answer your questions and seem confident about their abilities! School dances can be one of the best fundraising activities your school can have.

A School Dance DJ should know how to select and play the appropriate songs at precisely the right time to get everyone up dancing. Furthermore, they should know how to operate their equipment properly so that everything runs smoothly throughout the event.

School dances require a special type of DJ who understands the atmosphere and can manage it effectively. Additionally, they should be knowledgeable about the school’s policies and how to address any potential issues that may arise.

A professional school dance DJ will know what types of songs are appropriate for high school students as well as what music isn’t age-appropriate or contains profanity. They will also have extensive experience in working with students of all ages.

 Another important aspect of a successful school dance is the lighting. The dance party will be much more fun if the lights are bright and colorful.

Music Selection

As a School Dance DJ, my mission is to curate an energetic mix of music that will keep students moving on the dance floor. Drawing upon years of experience and industry expertise, I guarantee your school dance will be an incredible success!

When selecting songs for a school dance, it is essential to take into account the age range of attendees and anticipate which songs will be requested.

A school dance DJ should offer a broad selection of popular and appropriate songs to cater to an eclectic crowd. Some students may feel more at home listening to music they’ve experienced at club nights, while others adhere to more conservative tastes.

The music is one of the most important things to consider when hiring a DJ for your school dance. A DJ that plays music the student body doesn’t like isn’t going to have an easy time getting people dancing and interacting with each other. I have a great selection of music for providing enjoyable yet clean entertainment at school dances.


Lighting for a school dance is one of the most crucial elements to take into account. It can make or break the event.

 My goal is to energize your students and bring a new level of energy to the dance. Using bright effect lights can be one of the key components to your success.

I will ensure that your school dance is a smashing success! I have several lighting options that will fit your budget and will allow you to have the ultimate experience.


School Dance DJs must possess emceeing abilities in order to keep your event exciting and entertaining. They should know how to get the crowd energized on the dance floor while also directing their focus onto the microphone in order to maintain high energy levels and a friendly atmosphere.

Emcees who know how to engage their audience are the master of engagement. By starting off with an exuberant introduction, they get them excited about the event and let them know why it’s special, they will keep guests engaged throughout the proceedings, guaranteeing that your event runs seamlessly and is a resounding success!

For a school dance, it’s essential to have the correct equipment. This includes professional sound system and lighting to make the room look fantastic. Furthermore, having an experienced DJ who understands how to work with acoustics in school gymnasiums or auditoriums is necessary.

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Best DJ for School Dances in Maine

Maine School Dance DJ

Having a good Maine School Dance DJ is important to the success of your school dances. I realize that this is often a fundraiser for you. Picking the wrong Maine DJ Service can have serious repercussions on future turnouts. If the dances are a flop then chances are that the turnout for each school dance thereafter will also suffer.

When it comes to school dances I have you covered. DJ-BrianC got its start providing School Disc Jockey Services back in the early 90’s. I provided safe clean music for schools in Lewiston, Auburn and Litchfield. Back then we were a partnership of two high school friends operating under the name Future Sounds. We were the talk of the school as we went all out in our attempts to provided outstanding School Dance DJ Services. While cruising the mall as teens do we would often get recognized by students saying “Hey it’s our DJ”. Frequently we’d have students bringing us snacks and drinks as we worked the high school dances.

Maine School Dance Dj
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It was then that I knew being a Maine School Dance DJ was for me. No other job I could think of would provide this level of enjoyment. I mean where else do you get to listen to all the newest and greatest music, play with all the new technology, dance, eat, and watch people enjoying themselves and know that you’ve played a part in that enjoyment? Being a School Disc Jockey was a lot of fun.

The business ran for a few years as a partnership then as a single operator when my partners went off to college in the mid 90’s and eventually left the business. In early 2000 I asked good friend, Scott to assist with a wedding and Scott was hooked. Having drifted apart for a few years Scott formed On The Fly DJ. In 2006 Scott and I reconnected and began working together. This lasted a few years then in 2010 I went back on my own and re-branded myself as DJ-BrianC.

I now use nothing but the latest in LED lighting. I even have a few of the old school lights left over from my early days that we’ve all come to know and love. With DJ-BrianC your school dances will be unlike any other dance you’ve attended. I can even bring fog to your school dance which makes my lighting look even more amazing.

Maine Prom DJ

Are you looking for Prom DJ Services with all the newest music? Clean safe High School Dance Music is import! My music is updated daily direct from a leading DJ only music pool. I always have the newest music typically months before you even hear them on the radio! Legal and fully licensed! This subscription service also ensures the music I play is suitable for school use as it’s all radio edits. Due to my high commitment to the quality of your event I do not illegally download or share music. This protects both of us against copyright violation charges as well as ensures the music you hear at your prom is at its highest quality.

You can also add karaoke and music videos to your school dance. What better way to get all students involved and having a good time? And if you book multiple shows you earn discounts to be used on future dances. Give me a call I’d would love to be your Maine School Dance DJ! I’m also available on Facebook if you want to chat first.

Traveling all over Maine providing quality School Dance DJ Services. I’ve been an:

  • Auburn, Maine School Dance DJ
  • Bath, Maine School Dance DJ
  • Grey, Maine School Dance DJ
  • Hebron, Maine School Dance DJ
  • Lewiston, Maine School Dance DJ
  • Litchfield, Maine School Dance DJ
  • Portland, Maine School Dance DJ
  • Readfield, Maine School Dance DJ
  • Waterville, Maine School Dance DJ

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Hello! Thank you for inquiring about a School Dance DJ for your upcoming event. As a professional DJ with years of experience, I would be absolutely honored to make your School Dance a huge success. The students will have a blast and the faculty will be impressed with my selection of music and attention to detail.

So, don’t hesitate to call or text me at (207) 212-6560 to choose me as your Maine School Dance DJ. My schedule is filling up quickly and I would hate for you to miss out on the opportunity to experience my unmatched DJ skills and professionalism. Let’s make this a night to remember for everyone involved!
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