Uplighting for Weddings

Uplighting For Weddings

Planning the perfect wedding requires many items to be taken care of, and sometimes Uplighting for Weddings may get overlooked. But it’s an integral part of a reception that adds an elegant touch to your big day.

Uplights can transform an ordinary venue into something spectacular. Uplighting also adds a touch of drama to familiar areas like an old barn or backyard party area, giving them a sophisticated flair.

Selecting the Perfect Color

Choosing the perfect color for your uplighting is essential. Not only does it set the atmosphere, complement your theme, and leave a lasting impression on guests and photos, but it can also leave an enduring impact.

When selecting colors for your wedding decor, keep in mind that they should complement both your wedding colors and floral choices. For instance, yellow is a safe choice that appeals to the eye and works well with most flowers.

Setting the Mood

If you want your guests to feel cozy, Edison bulbs are a great option. These lights create a soft glow in the room that makes guests more at ease while dancing.

Matches Your Theme

A professional DJ company can advise you on which uplighting colors would look best at your wedding. Popular choices tend to be amber gels and red uplighting.

Uplighting for your wedding reception is now easier and more budget friendly with my add-on package at just $350 for the day! It includes all the lights needed for your room. LED uplighting that can be color-changing based on timers or to the beat of music.

These are battery-powered uplights and wireless making it simple to change the mood as you and your guests dance. Whether you want to turn the room into a glamorous runway or get everyone out on the dance floor, these lights will help bring your dream wedding to life.