Typical Wedding Day

There really is no Typical Wedding Day as every wedding is unique but I’ll try to give you the basics. When you choose DJ-BrianC for your reception, you have nothing to worry about. I handle all the coordinating with vendors that day such as the wedding planner, caterer, photographer, videographer, etc… I will have music up and running before your guests are scheduled to arrive. I will make announcements and inform your guests about seating arrangements, appetizers, bar service, location of guest book and gift table. I will be playing soft instrumental music during this time.


Just before your expected arrival time I will stand by the door and watch for you. Upon arrival I will get the wedding party in order and go over pronunciation of names. I then ask your guests to take their seats so that I can announce you in. I recommend an upbeat song for your introduction to get everyone excited about your arrival and the start of a great celebration together. I typically use one song for the bridal party and another special one just for the two of you. I’ve seen everything from the Oldies to Current Top 40 and even Show Tunes!!! I have plenty of suggestions in my online planning tools to help get you started.

Meal Time

My Typical Wedding Day selection of music includes a mixture of soft top 40 hits covering many decades and genres of music. Dinner time is also where the toast happens. Towards the end of dinner we typically cut the cake and start the transition into the dance portion of the day by having the first dance, parent dances and other formal events.

Dance Music

The music for your wedding reception can have a tremendous effect on the mood of the party and its impact on your guests. Your Maine Wedding DJ recommends “brainstorming” with family members and friends to get an idea of the musical tastes of your guests. Of course the bride and groom should have their favorites played; without question. But what about a song or two for the Grandparents? Aunts and Uncles? The Children? Music types vary from family to family, and culture to culture. At DJ-BrianC, I play what you and your guests want to hear. I make recommendations when necessary, but in truth, it’s your party. I will play what you ask. Your online planning tools will allow you to pick all the music for all the special dances, your favorites, and I even provide a second logon that you can share with your guests so that they can have a part in your day. I suggest providing the web page and password for the guest planner when you mail your invitations. This will help to get a well rounded selection of music which will only enhance the success of your reception.

This is the Typical Wedding Day for most of our customers but ultimately the day is yours to design as you see fit. For example some couples choose to be introduced into their first dance while dinner is being prepared. Others choose to have their first dance after dinner while the cake is being served. Don’t settle for a Typical Day. I’m here to share my experiences with you so that you have the knowledge to make the decision that is best for you. When a Typical Wedding Day just won’t do, I go above and beyond!

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