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We all know choosing a theme for your party can sometimes be a difficult decision, will the location suit the party theme? Can you decorate the location the way you want it to look?

Want to know a secret? Us adults love dressing up still even at our age! A theme party is a great way to let loose and make memorable memories with friends partying the night away.

Once you pick a party theme the actual planning is then an easier task from decorations to innovations are that are centered around your theme of choice.

Picking a favorite genre of music for your party theme is a great idea as the likely hood is you and your friends will have similar tastes, and a great way to have a celebration of a decade you all love.

Planning Your Themed Party

This is tricky for certain groups of people, if you are in the 18-25 category it may be as simple as calling around friends on a Thursday and by Friday night you are partying away.

If you are in career mode or already a parent it takes a little more planning than winging it on a Thursday night, you may want to plan as much as a month before or at least two weeks in advance so costumes can be bought decorations arrive etc. And everyone has time to not miss out on the big night.

Consider how many people will be coming can the venue hold them? What type of entertainment are you having a simple music set up or hiring a DJ, Food for the evening if so, are you preparing it yourself or getting outsourced catering.

Once this is all organized you can let loose and let the night take care of itself.

Choosing Party Themes for Adults

To help choose a theme for your party, whether it’s just for fun or a special occasion such as an anniversary or birthday party we have a party theme list that I will add to, I hope it will give you plenty of ideas for your next party theme.

You really can adapt any party with an adult party theme to nearly any occasion.

If it’s a party you can throw a theme around it.

Dress for the decade you were born

It’s that time of year again—when the whole nation well feel like having a party!

Aside from the fact that you can save a ton of money on theme ideas, the other great thing about decade parties is that you can stick with what you and your favorite cohort to hand out love the most.

Casino Theme Night

This is the theme for the night. It’s Vegas, baby! It’s all about the glitter and sparkle, the lights and the fun, the glitz and the glamour some more glamour. Oh, and the glitz.

Pimps and Hoes

Since the dawn of time, there has been a dark corner of the internet reserved for those who wish to spice up their parties with something a little more risqué or kinky.

Whether you have a killer costume theme in mind or simply want to spice things up with a little bit of naughty spice,

Rockstar Theme Party

Rockstar theme parties are taking over the nation! Why? Because they are so much fun! looking to ditch the club and rock out, blast some wicked tunes, dance the night away, and then jump into pool heck build a shed outback just to smash the hell up!

Ballgowns and Back-tie Theme Party

The ballgowns and black-tie theme party is an exciting and fashionable theme party that is popular among adults. They are usually held in warehouses, ballrooms, and other large events spaces and they are the perfect opportunity to dress up, dance, and enjoy the music in up to do attire.

Horror Theme Party

The idea of hosting a party theme around horror movies is a great one to think about. There are many horror movies to base your theme around.

You just can’t go wrong with a little spooky fun and you will be amazed at how much adults get into the night’s entertainment.

Pool Party

Spring is nearly here so, the perfect time to throw a pool party to celebrate springtime and the coming warmer weather. With hungry guests you have the perfect opportunity to serve food and drinks that are made for pool parties.

Wild West Theme Party

If you are planning a wild west party, you have a lot of different options for themes. You can choose to have a shooting competition, card games and shootouts, lasso drinking games.

You can have all sorts of special effects and decorations, but the most important thing to remember is this theme can work for both kids and adults alike!

Whether you want a large, exciting party or small gathering of a few friends, DJ-BrianC will make that happen. Book your party today by calling (207) 212-6560 or check my availability.

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